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Our firm offers a wide range of services to our individual and business clients. Our clients benefit by getting personalized, quality service that is beyond comparison. Below we have listed the services that we offer to our clients along with a brief description.

As the list below is by no means all-inclusive, please feel free to inquire about a service if you do not see it listed. If it is not a service we provide, we would be more than happy to refer you to a qualified professional.


  • Network design, installation and troubleshooting

  • Windows 10, 8, 7, XP integration

  • Resources Sharing

  • Internet connectivity: DSL, Cable, T1, Dial-Up

  • Routers configuration

  • Shared Internet Access (Proxy, ICS)

  • Firewalls and Secure VPN

  • Wide Area Networks

  • Soho and Remote Office Support             Back To Top  


Windows 10,8,7,XP installation, configuration, maintenance and support

  • Which Operating System to select?

  • How to increase the performance?

  • Is it time to upgrade?

These are only a few questions that we can help you with.    Back To Top

Custom-built Servers and Workstations

The current market of File Servers and Workstation is huge. We can advise what is better for your needs, and where it is better to buy. We can add features and customize them. We can work as a value added reseller or build your custom system from scratch.    Back To Top

Applications installation and troubleshooting

Many programs are as easy to install as “e:\setup.exe”.  But sometimes a program's installation includes multiple choices of parameters, a Client-Server setup and database configuration (e.g., SQL Server). In these types of installations we can help.    Back To Top

Computer Consulting

Whether you are contemplating the addition of new computer hardware, upgrade your existing system or overhauling your network, our experienced staff can assist you with many difficult decisions that must be made when designing your networks, data flow and infrastructure.    Back To Top

Accounting Software Selection & Implementation

With the number of computerized accounting software packages available for small/midsize businesses and individuals growing every day, selecting one that is right for you is not easy. Years of work with many of accounting programs allow our experienced staff to help you choose and implement the system that best fits your needs.    Back To Top

Remote Assistance

Our remote assistance program saves you time and money and allows us to respond to any problem quickly without travel time and on-site visits.    In addition we will set up  your systems to allow secure access by authorized users.   If necessary, work can be done at home or from a remote office.    Back To Top  

WEB Presence

Your company's WEB presence becomes more and more important. We help our clients to decide what level of WEB presence is right for them. We can help with web design and web development issues.  We can address  the pros and cons of  web hosting versus setting up an web server.  If appropriate, we can set up and configure your web server.  Other difficult questions include outsourcing email and  setting up intranets.    Back To Top  

Backup & Anti-Virus

  • Disaster Recovery and Back Up

  • Anti-Virus Systems                        Back To Top  

Other Services

Due to our diverse client base, we encounter a wide array of computer issues. As a result, we have gained valuable experience over the years in numerous specialized areas, many of which are listed above. We feel our ability to provide such a variety of services reflect our versatility and competency, as well as our dedication to quality client service.    Back To Top



Arcady Frenkel, Computer Consultant 

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